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This game was made by myself and 3 others as a school project for our Game Engines course. My focus was building the AI of the enemies. I also completed the model and animations for the robot we call "Boxy".

There are two simple enemies in this game:

"Boxy" is an enemy that attacks the player by punching the player. Boxy can use a slam move to help close distance and to do more damage. Boxy also has the chance to spawn with a dozen rockets. He will fire his rockets until he runs out and then will switch back to melee attacks.

The turret is another enemy. Unlike Boxy, it has a fixed location, and does not chase the player. It seeks the player until found, and then tracks the player and shoots at the player. Quaternion.Lerp() is used to simulate the seeking & tracking behavior of the turret.

Currently, there is no final level built and thus, no end to the game.